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Webpack, and Typescipt, and Rust

July 17, 2018

Notes on my configuration

Hopefully I’ll put together a self container repo with this configuration, but for now here’s some notes on configuring Rust/Wasm build using wasm-bindgen and getting it to play well with TypeScript.

With this config, clean webpack builds should succeed without any pre-existing Rust artifacts. Dev-time tooling for typescript will work after the first wasm32 build. Until then the .d.ts file for the Rust module won’t exist, and TypeScript will complain it can’t find the module.

Next step is to make this all hot-reload, but now without HMR incremental Webpack builds and refreshing the browser works fine.

The configuraton

  • Rust

  • Webpack

    • Configure alias with friendly name pointing to
    • Remove TsconfigPathsPlugin. It gets confused.
    • Install rust-native-wasm-loader, and configure it:
  test: /\.rs$/,
  use: [
      loader: 'rust-native-wasm-loader',
      options: {
        wasmBindgen: {
        typescript: true
  • Typescript

    • Add mapping from friendly name to wasm-bindgen output, target/wasm32-unknown-unknown/debug/[filename].js, to compilerOptions.paths property in tsconfig.json
    • Set compilerOptions.baseUrl to ./. compilerOptions.paths requires it.

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