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Script - Save a GPOReport for Every GPO in a Domain Using PowerShell

September 07, 2015


You can generate a report from Group Policy Management Console that includes all of the setting, links, permissions and other settings for a GPO.

I want to generate that report for every GPO in my domain, but not have to open every one in GPMC to do so.

The Sript

This is a pretty simple one-liner, so I’ll get straigt to it.

We can get a list of all of the GPOs in a domain with this:

Get-GPO -All

Then we can get a GPO Report like this:

Get-GPOReport -Name MyGPO -ReportType Html -Path report.html

We can even get a single report with all of the GPOs in a single html file like this:

Get-GPOReport -All -ReportType Html -Path report.html

If that works for you, then stip here, but I want a directory with a file for each GPO.

Luckily we can combine those two cmdlets like this to get what I want.

Get-GPO -All | ForEach-Object {$_ | Get-GPOReport -ReportType HTML -Path "c:\GPOReports\$($_.DisplayName).html"}

Notice I didn’t pipe directly to the Get-GPOReport cmdlet. That allows me to include the name of the GPO in the path parameter provided to Get-GPOReport.


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