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ListenCat - The Minimally Viable Product

March 06, 2015

What’s unique about ListenCat?

The main differentiator between ListenCat and existing podcast clients is the experience when using multiple devices. That experience is dependent on a service which can store information between devices, and intelligently manage the content available on all of the user’s devices.

What does ListenCat need to do?

There are several core things a ListenCat user will need to be able to do.

  • Subscribe to feeds
  • View episodes from

    • All feeds
    • A subset of feeds
    • A single feed
  • Queue episodes for future listening
  • Manage queue

    • Reorder episodes
    • Remove episodes
  • Select & play episodes individually, or from the queue
  • Resume episodes where last left off

    • Position should be syncronized between all devices

All of these capabilities will need to be available on all of a user’s devices. Eventually ListenCat will need to be available on a variety of devices and platforms. I currently want to support (roughly in order of importance).

  • Modern Browsers
  • Windows Universal App

    • Windows Phone
    • Windows 8/10
    • XBox One - obviously not until Windows 10 Universal apps will run here
  • Android
  • IOS

What’s MUST be done for the minimally viable product?

I obviously can’t implement all of these clients at once, and before any can be written the back-end services need to be functional.

The first version of ListenCat:

  • Backend

    • Download, parse and cache feeds
    • Download and cache episode files
    • Store played to position
  • Frontend

    • View subscribed feeds
    • View episodes in a feed
    • Play an episode from a feed

The next post

The next post will be looking at the technology and platform decisions I’ve made so far.

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