Configuring NPS for authentication on HP switches

I'm assuming you have the NPS role installed on a Windows server, and a switch configured to the point where it can communicate with (can ping) the NPS server.

IIS - Configure URL Rewrite to Redirect all Traffic to HTTPS

Install URL Rewrite from or the Web Platform Installer.

DISM - 0x80070003 - The system cannot find the path specified

I just spent way too much time figuring out why this command was failing.

Script - List Inactive Users or Computers in AD

I'm cleaning up an Active Directory domain, and needed to get an idea of how many computers are in use vs. inactive.

Hololens First Impressions

I got to attend a Hololens demo in Chicago today.

Script - Using SCCM and MDT task sequence variables in PowerShell

Building on the last snippet we can write that to a JSON file on disk.

Script - Save a GPOReport for Every GPO in a Domain Using PowerShell

You can generate a report from Group Policy Management Console that includes all of the setting, links, permissions and other settings for a GPO.

Script - Constrained Delegation for Hyper-V Live Migrations

There are two options for Live Migration security in Hyper-V.

Docker in Hyper-V on Windows 10

These are my notes for setting up docker on Windows 10 10240. Don't take them as any more.

Securing 5 WebAPIs with Auth0

This is written while I'm working with 5 beta 3. Things may change.

ListenCat - The Minimally Viable Product

The main differentiator between ListenCat and existing podcast clients is the experience when using multiple devices. That experience is dependent on a service which can store information between devices, and intelligently manage the content available on all of the user's devices.

ListenCat - Goals

Today I'm going to look at some of the technical and architecture decisions I've made about ListenCat.

ListenCat - A New Project

TL;DR version, it's a podcast client for Windows 8, Windows Phone 8.1 and web. I'm starting to build it. It'll be awesome.